23 July 2008

What's The Story?

SOLD (90cm x 70cm)

Where have all the newspaper boys and girls gone? It’s not a familiar sight these days, either in the mornings or around tea time.

I remember in the early 80’s my older brother had four rounds on the go, one in the morning, two in the evening and one at the weekend…..all for about £5 a week!!....come to think of it, is it no wonder the Paperboys have called it a day. And what with getting up early morning in the more often that not freezing cold and/or wet weather!

Nothing can teach you more about the value of money than earning it for yourself, but sometimes maybe the effort being put in was worth more than the wage packet. Not that a little hard work never did anyone any harm. Perhaps the rise in pocket money has also seen less need to earn a little extra.

The thing is, becoming a paperboy or girl was a rite of passage for many children. Perhaps more than any other part-time job, it educated the young future worker about the importance of getting up in the morning, of punctuality and of steadfastness.

Personally, I was never one for any of that!