25 June 2009

Out By My Side

Here is a first look of the new generation I mentioned previously. Not much difference you might think at first glance but there are subtle changes. Let me know what you think.

And here is the complete painting;

(70cm x 50cm) Original Acrylic on Canvas

Do you remember your favourite toy that you just had to have with you at every waking hour.....and even whilst sleeping?

My favourite teddy bear I had as a kid was named Boo-ya, a sky blue bear that looked a lot like Yogi Bear’s friend Boo-Boo (Apparently Boo-Boo was too difficult for me to say at the age of 5, so the name Boo-ya had to suffice!!).

Like many kids with their beloved companion, he came everywhere with me, whether out on a day trip or just tucked up in bed. Acting as a comfort just like a blanket.

Whether it was a teddy bear, action figure, a backpack full of favourite ‘stuff’, or what seems to be even more noticeable nowadays, the ever-present Nintendo DS, a favourite toy was an essential item to have by your side. You couldn't leave home without it!

16 June 2009

A New Generation

I have decided to create a new look for my characters for my latest painting. The overall visual impact will obviously remain the same but I wanted to develop the look of the children slightly.

I will carry on producing paintings using the original characters but all being well, I hope to start producing more work using the second generation too. My hope is that people will then have preferences for one generation over the other so should help to add a little more variety of choice and add even more individuality to their chosen painting.

I will post a new image soon and perhaps votes can be cast on which generation is preferred!

Happy Cycling!

1 June 2009

Summer Sun!

Well, it's already been a good start to June, not just because of the gorgeous summer sun we have been enjoying but also for the sale of 2 original paintings at Artery Gallery in St Andrews today along with receiving my first royalty cheque from my publisher for the limited edition prints released last November

I've now been exhibiting with Artery Gallery for just over 2 years and they have been selling out of my work on each occassion which is fantastic and a real confidence boost, as well as being a real testament to the gallery itself.

I'm currently putting together some new stories and ideas for paintings and hope to get some fresh work to the gallery soon.

* * *

I was surprised to see the amount of prints that have been sold since their release with Washington Green, particularly in the first month when they were being exhibited around the country. With the turn of the new year, things did slow up somewhat but I think that was to be expected, especially as I'm told it does sometimes take a bit of time for a new artist to 'take off' with prints.

A limited edition print can be a good option to originals and I have 2 prints on my lounge wall myself, Kid For Today and What's The Story, so providing my paintings continue to be in demand, I look forward to, and hope, new editions will be released soon.

For those of you that own either an original or a print, I hope you can enjoy them for years to come. In the meantime, enjoy the hot weather, which I'm sure wont last nearly as long :)