28 February 2011

About the Paintings

My paintings are largely inspired by a mix of nostalgia from my own childhood along with watching my own two young kids grow up. Not necessarily making any comparisons, but being reminded of the nostalgic years and how their life today differs in these modern times, yet in many ways mirror my own childhood.

In the garden with Mum. My first memory of snow.

An idea for a painting can come from anywhere. Usually from a memory or experience of when I was young or by observing something my kids might do. Watching them at play or just relaxing in front off the television. I try to imagine what they are thinking, and this sometimes triggers similar thoughts that I may have had at the same age. I then want to put these memories and stories into an image. Although my kids provide the majority of inspiration for my work, some paintings have also been influenced by a particular song, by something I have seen or read in the news or a conversation I have had or heard, all relating to childhood and particularly the comparisons with differing generations.

Pulling on a long scarf. Who needs an Xbox!

Painting the characters in a naive, cartoon like style helps represent the childhood aspect of the work, taking the seriousness out of the piece and at the same time accentuating the innocence of children.

I feel keeping the background clean and sparse, free of any landscape, means the essence of the narrative and the children themselves are the focus of the viewer’s attention.

That's me on the left with the stupid grin.

19 February 2011

New Work at Artery Gallery, St Andrews

Four new paintings are now on show at Artery Gallery which you can see by clicking the link to their website at www.arteryuk.com

I hope to have more news soon regarding a larger forthcoming exhibition at the Gallery. It should be one of my biggest exhibitions of work so far which I am very excited about!

Plans are underway as to what work I will be producing for Artery Gallery, but rest assured there will be some brand new pieces along with some familiar favourites.

So not only will I be looking forward to Spring/Summer for the long awaited better weather, but also for what I hope to be a successful show!