28 November 2013

Look At It My Way

This is the 50th painting I've made this year and I've had a bit of a like/hate/hate/like/hate/love relationship with it throughout the process. Started off with the image in my head but not having any idea what the point of it would ...be or it's meaning. I couldn't even pretend that there was a story to fit it.

In the early stages of painting the grid and squares, I wanted to give up on it but perservered simply due to not wanting the time spent on it already to be wasted. I returned to the piece 3 or 4 times in between creating other work, something I very rarely do. Also in the hope that it could still go somewhere, even though I wasn't enjoying a single moment of its creation, and even questioned giving up on painting altogether (Self doubt is a real pain in the rear!). Only when finishing off the characters and toward the very end of completion, did it eventually win me over, to the point now that I have become rather fond of it. I almost do not want to let this one go, but alas must.

"Look At It My Way"

All of my paintings have some kind of meaning and story behind them, but this one doesn't at all, only the personal story of the journey I've had making it.


12 October 2013

Just Another Illusion

Two brand new paintings now available at Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester:

80cm x 80cm
acrylic on box canvas
"A Life of Illusion"
80cm x 80cm
acrylic on box canvas
These paintings will be on show at the upcoming London Affordable Art Fair, Battersea where they will be exhibited by the Richard Goodall Gallery. The art fair runs from 24th - 27th October.
Contact Richard Goodall Gallery for more details on availability of these new paintings and other original work.

3 July 2013

Memorabilia Charity Art Exhibition for Great Ormond Street Hospital

'Memorabilia' promises to be an art exhibition with a difference! Recall precious moments from childhood, conjuring an atmosphere of nostalgia and reintroducing you to some gems from the past, all through the work of some of the UK's most influential artists.

The event will take place in the Art Studios of 66 Norlington Road, Leyton E10 6LA on the weekend of the 6th and 7th July, 12-5pm as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail.

On the Saturday night from 8pm there will also be a party hosted by the artists resident at the studios, during which visitors can take part in some retro gaming, enjoy some  toys of yesteryear and even take part in a Space Hopper Race! (It's got to be worth going, just for that!)

But all these fun and games is for the more important purpose of raising much needed funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and the fine work they do for sick children.

Carne Griffths, artist and organiser of this superb event:
“We owe so much to GOSH, they saved our little girl, Noemi’s life. Through their actions my wife Claire and I were inspired to do something positive. We wanted to create a sense of nostalgia with this show, to remind us of our inner child. Hopefully those feelings will raise money for the incredibly important work GOSH does.” 

You can check out some of the Original Paintings, Prints and Sculptures exhibiting and available at this show by visiting the online shop here;    http://memorabilia2013.bigcartel.com/

 "W R In Control"
This new piece from the Life is a Game We Play series was created especially for the 'Memorabilia'
50% of the final sale price will be donated to GOSH.

If you're in the market to buy a great piece of art, now is the time, as anything from 30-100% of each sale will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

You can also find out more and register your interest in going to the event by visiting the Memorabilia Charity Art Exhibition Facebook Page, which I highly recommend doing :)

'Have you played Atari today?'

21 May 2013

Forth Valley Open Studios

I'm showing at this years
Forth Valley Open Studios, June 8th - 16th
where I will be based at The Westland's Hotel, Dunblane.

Artist Derek Collins will also be on show at the same venue, so plenty of great art, to enjoy, including some brand new Carruthers and Collins Collaborative paintings

It's also a great place to eat and have a drink, so come and say hello.

Find out more details on the location and openng times at the  Open Studios website;

The show will be open from Saturday 8th - Sunday 16th, 10am - 7pm
drop me a message if you plan to visit on a certain day, and I will make sure I am there.

25 April 2013

Coming Together for The Children's Trust

As the official artist-in-residence for The Children's Trust annual Art Exhibition, I invited budding young artists to complete an artwork by painting in the black outline images of my child characters.

It was great to see the drawing come to life with vibrant colours and some really interesting creativity from all the children, from chequered trousers to green shoes, and pink hair!

There was some serious concentration going on!

It was such an enjoyable experience for me to be able to work with all the children who took part in this little collaboration, from ages 2 to 15.

‘Come Together’ was finished on the last day of the exhibition by two-year-old Emma Hevesy. The painting has been donated to The Children’s Trust, a national charity that provides specialist care for some of the UK’s most severely disabled children, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.

And this is the finished masterpiece

 "Come Together"

I hope patients and visitors at the trust will gain as much joy looking at the painting as we did creating it.

3 April 2013

Resident Artist @ The Childrens Trust spring exhibition

This year, I have been chosen to be resident artist at The Children's Trust Spring Art Exhibition. I will be dabbling in a bit of live painting as well as exhibiting a new collection of work!

April 12th - 14th
@ The Childrens Trust Manor, Tadworth, Surrey

 "Play By Numbers"

The event is in its 27th year and is organised by the Friends of The Children's Trust to raise money for the charity that helps children with multiple disabilities.

Admission is FREE.
The three-day Exhibition is open from:
6pm - 9pm on Friday 12th,
10am - 5pm on Saturday 13th,
and 10am - 3pm on Sunday 14th April 2013.

22 March 2013

Book Cover Artwork - "Hoofing It"

the new paperback from Ian M Pindar

"Hoofing It"

Available from Amazon in Paperback and for Kindle

(click the link to read more about the book)

Here is Ian's story:

"It took three years to get from the initial contact with artist Scott Carruthers to the final graphic designed cover of both books, something Scott pointed out when it was finished – I literally (!) could not believe it!

It had taken nearly sixteen years from the first tappings on a rudimentary 386 computer in Rusholme, Manchester (in the shadow of the kippax) Then the computer fulled of memory; it crashed, burned and had a nervous breakdown – the latter being me. ``Have you backed it up?’’ If I had £1 for everyone that asked me this at the time, I would have made £38! I had backed it up, but only at the half way point - remember when I started writing this I only had just got e-mail, we only had 3.5 inch floppy discs (insert your own joke) and if you wanted to download something, you needed to leave it, make your tea, eat your tea, wash-up and then come back! – stop laughing youths! It actually sounds worse than it was, because I had just written it, I could remember most of it, especially the research mainly from Time Outs and Rough Guides. 

Having returned to the book much later I would say it is three times better than it was; from the original first draft I cut six chapters at the beginning and put in a much punchier start - ``Ok I stole the money, there's no other way of looking at it; one minute I didn't have twenty-eight grand, the next, abracadabra, I did.’’ – if you don’t get your reader on the first page you have lost them!  So if there is a word of caution apart from the obvious backing everything up, it is… allow yourself at least double the amount of time to finish every aspect of your book, or if you’re anything like me… add a decade on for good measure!!

Aim for perfection in all aspects of your work, then when it falls short – which invariably will, you have produced something great/good you can be proud of.
Big Love," - Ian M Pindar

Purchase this fantastic book and let me know what you think :)


All Artwork Copyright - Scott Carruthers 2012

3 March 2013

A Unique Opportunity....

I have started an art project through Kickstarter with the aim to create a unique art piece that brings people from all quarters together, representing the world melting pot and the life journey in a single one off, original painting.

A Coming Together

The aim of this project is to create a unique painting depicting a world melting pot of people from all quarters who are working their way along their life path. 

Each collaborator will be depicted within the painting as an individual character together with something specific that represents them. This can be by something they are holding, like a favourite childhood toy or an object relating to their hobby or interest, the clothing they are wearing, whether it's the uniform of their career (or even what they WANTED to be!). Anything they can think of that tells their story or that shows a small piece of their personality.

There are also great incentives for backing this project. You will have an individually commissioned piece of artwork to own (see Rewards), and at the same time be part of a wider achievement and be included in an exciting process with a final result! A coming together and melting pot of people from all quarters included in a single, unique painting.

Find out more about 'The World Melting Pot' Project with 'Kickstarter'

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a fantastic art collaboration!

Find out more about Kickstarter

20 February 2013

original Pastel Sketches auction now LIVE!

The auction of my original Pastel Sketches is now live online at Mctears Auctioneers, Glasgow

 This online auction is running for a week and all bidding ends at 9pm on 26th Feb.
To view the collection, click the link below:

or visit:

Hope you enjoy :)



1 February 2013

Custom painted TOMS shoes and sunglasses!

Here are a final images of the painted TOMS shoes and sunglasses, created for the unique 'Art of Giving' tour event from TOMS. This show was held at the Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh in January, and saw 20 artists from around Scotland taking part.

The shoes and sunglasses were part of a silent auction raising money for Artlink, the Edinburgh based charity.

I'm pleased to say they have now gone to a wonderful new home where I have no doubt they will be treasured and enjoyed for many years :) 

For me this completes the journey I have been on with this project absolutely perfectly!

"All the World's a Playground"
80cm x 60cm Acrylic on box canvas
created especially for the 'Art of Giving' event and currently available to purchase direct through my website.