27 January 2010

Keys to the World

(30" x 24" acrylic on box canvas)

The world seems a ridiculously large place when you are young and far away places may as well be on a different planet.

As decisions and opportunities arise throughout life, the world does seem to reduce in size. The day will come when you have the ability and the freedom to unlock new worlds and cultures. It can become your playground and you’re free to go anywhere....bar the odd strict border control!

Most people may not have the money to get to the places they want to, but a bit of drive, free thinking and adventurous spirit can compensate for any lack of funds.

25 January 2010

Six Minute Montage

A compilation of images from my collection of paintings accompanied by music from Boards of Canada, just to add that extra bit of nostalgic feeling!


(Or watch it here on Youtube)

12 January 2010

A Nice Email.......

I received an interesting email today from photographer (and architecture and art lover) Shazza Kataya. She came across my work online and decided to drop me an email to say how much she loved the paintings I create. It's always nice to hear from buyers and admirers of my paintings as it means I get to hear their own thoughts about the work.

Shazza has a website where you will find her own 'snapshot of history and everyday life', and she has included her own snapshot of life as a Papergirl which she was reminded of when she discovered 'What's The Story?' on her local gallery website.

Why not take a few moments to read her little story here @ www.shazzakataya.com

Thanks again Shazza for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts and stories I'll be checking back onto your site from time to time to catch up on your latest musings :)