15 October 2009

Edinburgh Exhibition Preview - Thursday 22nd October

New original work will be exhibiting at Scotlandart Galleries in Edinburgh from 22nd October through to the end of November.

I will be attending the preview night myself on the 22nd, so it will be nice to chat to anyone who is able to make it.

If you are able to get to Edinburgh at any stage over the next few weeks, please pop in to view the new work on show, some of which I have posted on here in recent weeks.

Scotlandart is based in the Stockbridge area of the City and is well worth a visit.

If you cant get to the gallery, then the work will be viewable and available through the gallery website at www.scotlandart.com

4 October 2009

Me Plus One

(30" x 24" acrylic on box canvas) Available at Artifex Contemporary Arts

A kid will always enjoy having his or her favourite companion by their side. Having a teddy to cuddle up to, whether out on a day trip or just tucked up in bed gives that extra sense of comfort and security.

A favourite bear, dog, rabbit or even a fuzzy tiger would be an essential partner to have by your side and you just wouldn't want to leave home without it!

This painting is also paying tribute to one of my favourite comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes by American cartoonist Bill Watterson.

Calvin is a 6 year old boy, who to be fair, is a naughty little so and so! But the adventures he gets up to with his phylosophical tiger Hobbes sometimes go beyond any ordinary imagination and propels Calvin to a higher breed of daydreamer!

Hobbes, to everyone else is just a stuffed 'fuzzy' tiger, but to Calvin he is Hobbes, his reserved but enthusiastic pal, who really is an ACTUAL tiger!

Who am I to argue.