3 April 2012

New Collaborations - Carruthers and Collins

I would like to introduce you to a new collaboration project between myself and Scottish artist Derek Collins.

These new paintings combine the unique 'Flaming Art' style of Collins' work, along with my familiar characters, creating a quirky human element to each piece, and each telling its own little story.

"My Love is Waiting"
(24" x 24" box canvas)

With carefully blended resins, powders, pigments and liquids, Derek Collins creates abstract, textured paintings which come to life when he adds the final ingredient - fire!

By setting the entire painting alight, Derek creates strong emotive pieces which can be quite spectacular.

Once his process is complete, it's my turn to add the character. In these 2 particular paintings, a boy holding a love heart balloon in 'My Love is Waiting', and a boy getting a bit trigger happy with his paintball gun in 'War Paint'!

"War Paint"
(24" x 24" box canvas)
We believe these paintings are a true one of a kind, and are superbly unique and colourful artworks that will brighten up any home. I'm certain they will make an interesting talking piece too!

These 2 paintings are the first of this collaboration project with more to follow, and are available exclusively through myself or Derek Collins priced at £350. Contact myself or Derek for more information;