6 October 2010

2 New Additions to 'The Artist Collection' - Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock

Both or these paintings, although taken from 2 very different artists have something quite significant in common.

Piet Mondrian would carefully and methodically paint vertical and horizontal thick, straight black lines across the white canvas with 3 primary colours filling in chosen squares.

Jackson Pollock on the other hand would use a 'drip' technique, covering the canvas with a rhythmic fluidity of dripping and splashing paint.

"Triangles and Rhombuses" - (Piet Mondrian)

"Any Colour You Like" - (Jackson Pollock)

Despite the seemingly randomness of Pollocks paintings, like Mondrian he bases his work on a highly thought out process of composition. Theres something about that that I like as I use alot of composition in my own paintings, which is why I think these 2 paintings work really well and make important additions to this collection.

15 September 2010

Upcoming Shows and Fairs

I know I haven't updated my blog for a while now, mainly because I haven't actually done much painting! The last month or so has been taken up by School holidays, short breaks and just general pottering around the house with only a minimum amount of my time dedicated to painting.

Thankfully I do now feel totally refreshed and this past week has been great, just to get back into working and with a few shows and fairs coming up, what better reason to crack on with some brand new work and develop new ideas!....

I will post some images of exhibiting work nearer the show dates, so keep checking back ! :)

19 July 2010

*New* Desktop Wallpaper (1024 x 765)

This painting titled 'The Modern World' was commissioned earlier in the year, and since then, it has quickly become one of my personal favourites.

I use it as wallpaper on both my PC and Blackberry, so thought I would create an official Desktop Wallaper to share and for you to download.

1024 x 765

Click on the image to enlarge, then right click and save.

8 July 2010

The Open? "All Around The World" (Holes 6 - 10)

"All Around The World" (30" x 24" Acrylic on Box Canvas)

Hole 8 - Aztec Pyramid

Hole 9 - The Kremlin

Visit the Artery Gallery website at www.arteryuk.com for more details.

The Open? "All Around The World" (Holes 1 - 5)

It's the British Open at St Andrews this month and to coincide with the event, Artery Gallery based in St Andrews itself, is showing a mini exhibition of some fun new golf paintings.

"All Around The World" (30" x 24" Acrylic on Box Canvas)

Who says golf spoils a good walk when a little game of 'mini golf' like this can take you to landmarks across the globe! :)

Hole 5 - Taj Mahal

Hole 2 - Statue of Liberty

Visit the Artery Gallery website at www.arteryuk.com for more details.

27 May 2010

New Exhibition at Artery Gallery, St Andrews

one: Trike
(8" x 8" acrylic on box canvas)

A new collection of 8 original paintings are now on show at Artery Gallery in St Andrews, Scotland, including 4 new 'one' paintings.

I'm really pleased with the response this new series has achieved, consistently selling well and one off commissions are also proving a popular choice. Artery Gallery is only the second gallery to be showing this series so hopefully the success will continue and with Artery's track record for selling my work, I'm very hopeful of a positive exhibition.

Between 2007 and 2009, my paintings received much admiration whilst on show at Artery, and now after a break, it's great to be working in conjunction with the gallery once more.

For more information log onto the gallery website at www.arteryuk.com or get on your 'Trike' and visit Artery Gallery at 43 South Street, St Andrews, Fife.

3 May 2010

Scottish Contemporary Art Auction @ McTears

The next Scottish Contemporary Art Auction takes place at McTears Auctioneers in Glasgow on May 12th and I'm pleased to announce that 3 of my paintings are included in the auction.

If you can't make it to the auction in person, live bidding is available by visiting the McTears website where you can also view the complete catalogue.

McTear's now famous art auction includes works from Scotland's finest artists.

My paintings are listed as lots 115 'Me plus One', 116 'Chasing Rainbows' and 117 'The World is Yours'.

21 April 2010

Out to Play: "Weekend Wars"

Cowboys and Indians or Soldiers and Armies (or whatever outfit and weapon you happened to own) would always be a good way to vent those boyhood energies. Running and shooting, that’s what it was all about.

Armed with swords and lightsabers, lasers and pistols, and if you had ones with the red gun caps for sound effects (and smell), then even better! The odd argument of whether you were shot or not was quickly forgotten as no one really wants to be lying on the ground with all the action going on, and this was mutually understood.

Water pistols would be the real danger weapon, especially if all you had was a plastic gun which lets face it, does zero damage!!

Into the kitchen for an empty Fairy Liquid bottle would be the answer. Crude, but ideal for long range and always pretty accurate!

Watch a 2 min video montage of the 'Out to Play' collection

Out to Play: "Take Aim"

Out in the playground would be the usual arena for a good old game of conkers or marbles.

Your prize conker in hand, stringed up and ready for competition, giving it a good swing and ‘whack’ against your opponents conker until one eventually gives way! Then searching for your next competitor, or perhaps he would already be waiting, ready to test his own champion chestnut!

Just watch out for the dreaded ‘stampsese’!!

Marbles is a less aggressive sport, though far more challenging. There are many variations of games of marbles all of which require accuracy and skill, but the rule of thumb is the same for each;

If you’re playing with your best marbles, don't play for ‘keeps’!!

Watch a 2 min video montage of the 'Out to Play' collection

Out to Play: "Round Our Way"

A half decent playing area, jumpers for goalposts….or perhaps a conveniently placed sign, and anything up to 25-a-side were all the essentials you needed for a good kick-a-bout with your pals and anyone else keen to join in.

Undoubtedly there would always be a couple of kids who would constantly have the ball due to their far superior skill level, while the rest of us would have to chase a few shadows, yet there was still a sense of camaraderie, each and every ’player’ mucking in for the cause, some more than most obviously!

As darkness approached, the numbers would slowly whittle down as tea time beckoned, leaving perhaps only a few of the hardcore, determined players eager to find a winner, which usually meant a unanimous decision of “The next goal wins!”

Watch a 2 min video montage of the 'Out to Play' collection

13 April 2010

Homage to MC Escher

"Opportunity Three" (30" x 30" acrylic on box canvas)

Here is the final image of the MC Escher homage I have been working on over the last week. A sure fire headache from start to finish, but at the same time it's been an enjoyable painting to create.

I've always been fascinated by Eschers work and his image titled 'Relativity' in particular. I actually completed a large jigsaw of this image many years ago, though I'm not sure which was the more challenging, working out all the angles and gravity sources or fitting together hundreds of seemingly identical jigsaw pieces!!

The painting will soon be heading down to London and will be on show at the Chelsea Art Fair through Gallery Perutz of Calstone, Wiltshire. The gallery will also be showing 3 other brand new paintings at the fair which I hope to post here soon.

2 April 2010

It's all Relative!

Today I have mostly been painting stairs leading up, down, left, right...and to knowhere.

Painted in 3 dimensions and including 3 sources of gravity, it's aready turning into a bit of a headache, and I've thought to myself on more than one occasion that I wish I hadn't of started such a task.

I will however persevere and hopefully I will achieve!

26 March 2010

Manchester Exhibition

Original work currently exhibiting at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester is now available to view online.

Richard Goodall Gallery is the leading, and largest commercial gallery for Contemporary Art, Fine Art Photography, and Rock Art in the UK.

Based in Manchester across 2 locations, the gallery has been open since 2000 and represents leading artists across a number of fields.

Go looky!

25 March 2010

Glasgow Art Fair

Thought I'd have a day out of the studio today to visit the Glasgow Art Fair in George Square.

There is a couple of galleries I've arranged to meet and I'm sure there will be others worth chatting to.

I already have a couple of new exhibitions coming up, so hopefully I can build on my calendar after today.

More news to come soon.

2 March 2010

The Modern World

Here is my latest commission recently completed and I'm relieved to say, happily received by the client!

Commissions can often be tricky as you are basing the story of a painting on someone elses thoughts and what sort of painting they expect. It can be nerve racking waiting for feedback from the customer, knowing they will not see the image until they take receipt of it upon delivery. Thankfully once again, the response has been wonderful.

(20" x 16" Acrylic on box canvas)

This particular piece was for a 40th birthday present (Number '40' painted in silver on the number plate) and as a lifelong 'Mod', the main aim was to portray the paintings owner in his youth on his beloved Lambretta, viewing the world from the outside, perhaps contemplating what was, what is, and what is still to be.

All commissions are interesting in their own right, but I have to say, this has been one of my favourite commissions to work on to date. When I received a letter this morning from my customer today to say how much emotion it evoked, it made me realise once more what a priviledge it is to paint these kind of artworks for people to treasure and enjoy.

4 February 2010

Figurative Exhibition - Scotlandart Galleries, Glasgow

The joint Figurative Exhibition at Scotlandart Galleries in Glasgow opens tonight with 6 new paintings of mine on show, along with an additional 4 smaller works from the new 'one' series.

If you cant get along to the gallery in person over the next month, you can view all the paintings in the show on the scotlandart.com website.

Paintings on show include:

27 January 2010

Keys to the World

(30" x 24" acrylic on box canvas)

The world seems a ridiculously large place when you are young and far away places may as well be on a different planet.

As decisions and opportunities arise throughout life, the world does seem to reduce in size. The day will come when you have the ability and the freedom to unlock new worlds and cultures. It can become your playground and you’re free to go anywhere....bar the odd strict border control!

Most people may not have the money to get to the places they want to, but a bit of drive, free thinking and adventurous spirit can compensate for any lack of funds.

25 January 2010

Six Minute Montage

A compilation of images from my collection of paintings accompanied by music from Boards of Canada, just to add that extra bit of nostalgic feeling!


(Or watch it here on Youtube)

12 January 2010

A Nice Email.......

I received an interesting email today from photographer (and architecture and art lover) Shazza Kataya. She came across my work online and decided to drop me an email to say how much she loved the paintings I create. It's always nice to hear from buyers and admirers of my paintings as it means I get to hear their own thoughts about the work.

Shazza has a website where you will find her own 'snapshot of history and everyday life', and she has included her own snapshot of life as a Papergirl which she was reminded of when she discovered 'What's The Story?' on her local gallery website.

Why not take a few moments to read her little story here @ www.shazzakataya.com

Thanks again Shazza for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts and stories I'll be checking back onto your site from time to time to catch up on your latest musings :)