27 October 2008

The World Is Yours

(90cm x 70cm) Contact Washington Green for enquiries

The world seems a ridiculously large place when you are young and far away places may as well be on a different planet.

Yet how many times do you hear the phrase it's a small world?

As decisions and opportunities arise throughout life, the world does seem to reduce in size, not physically of course, but certainly metaphorically. At some stage, you have the ability and the freedom to do exactly what you want. The world is your oyster and you're free to go anywhere....bar the odd strict border control!

Most people may not have the money to get to the places they want to, but a bit of drive, free thinking and adventurous spirit can compensate for any lack of funds.

The World Is Yours for the taking. Make of it what you can.

This original is available at The Westover Gallery in Bournemouth

25 October 2008

Fine Art Collector Magazine

You can read a two page feature (pages 16-17) on me and my work in the new edition of Fine Art Collector Magazine.

This can be read online by clicking the link above, or you can pick up a free copy of the Fine Art Collector Magazine from your nearest Washington Green associated gallery.


24 October 2008


(Detail from 'Money')

At what point I wonder, as a kid do you stop wanting a present for a birthday etc, and start demanding hard currency instead!?

There is nothing better than seeing a large box wrapped in all those fantastic colours and reading your name on it. Then tearing the paper with complete disregard to the care and attention it took to wrap up. Even if it is something you have asked for, the surprise is always nice.

And then you reach that age when these parcels of many colours become almost obsolete, and the shiny coinage takes preference.

However, I have found it goes full circle because the older you get, with the chance of ANY kind of currency coming your way being slim, just having something, anything, even the smallest of boxes is gratefully received!

(90cm x 70cm) SOLD

This original is available at The Westover Gallery in Bournemouth