10 February 2009

New Originals at Artery Gallery

2 brand new originals are now available at Artery Gallery

'Chasing Rainbows' and 'Out By My Side' are both on exhibition at the gallery based in St Andrews, Fife.

You can also read the press release on their blog at Artery Gallery News

Chasing Rainbows

(70cm x 50cm) SOLD

Apparently whenever you see a rainbow in the sky, you are supposed to make a wish. This was only something I heard recently and is one of those little tales that gets passed down to your kids. The same was said for blowing on a dandelion, which is something I did used to do as a kid whenever I found one in the back garden. Time and time again I would wish for a train set…Unfortunately I never got one!

But does this mean wishes don’t come true? All I really have to do is go out and buy a train set, and surely my wish will have been granted!

Making a wish isn’t necessarily a given for getting something you want, but if you work hard or even just put a bit of effort into your wishes and dreams, who is to say that they wont come to fruition?