25 November 2009

Debut Canadian Exhibition @ Leonardo Galleries, Toronto

This is my debut exhibition in Canada and the first outside of the UK. Unfortuntely it's an expensive job shipping paintings half way around the world, so only 4 original paintings are being exhibited but I am looking forward to the response they recieve.....hopefully all positive :)

Leonardo Galleries can be found at 133 Avenue Road, in the upmarket Yorkville district of downtown Toronto. You can find out more about their history, events and services here

The exhibition can be viewed on their website, or if you are lucky enough to be in the area, do take time out to visit the gallery.

I wish I could get there myself to not only see my work on exhibit, but to visit what is a wonderful gallery. All being well, maybe I can arrange a trip in the future. Canada has always been on my list of places to visit, so it will be a good excuse to go :)


24 November 2009

The Sweet Fantastic

Quite possibly the best noise you can hear during a childhood summer is the sound of 'Mr Scoopy' and the likes, pulling into your street. Then frantically running round the house looking, or scrounging, for a pound, not just so you can have an ice cream but to experience BUYING an ice cream from a VAN!! A sweet shop RIGHT on your doorstep. Doesn't get any better than that.

Nowadays when I hear the rather poor tune echoing down the road, I get instantly annoyed knowing that the kids are going to ask for some money!....but how can I say no. It's ice cream....from a van!

Available at Artifex Contemporary Arts, Sutton Coldfield


15 November 2009

Edinburgh Art Fair 2009

New originals will be on exhibition this coming weekend at the Edinburgh Art Fair, running from the preview night on Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd November.

4 large 30" x 30" box canvas paintings will be on display at the Scotlandart.com stand.

"All You Need Is Love" SOLD

It's the first time I've shown work at this show so am very excited about it and hope it will be as succesful as the London Art Fair a few weeks back. I also hope to get along myself to have a good look around.

You can find out more about the show and the venue by visiting the Art Edinburgh website.

11 November 2009

Your Star Will Shine

(36" x 30" acrylic on box canvas)

Everyone hopes to have their moment of glory some day, either through a single achievement, at an event or by reaching a goal they have set themselves over a period of time.

Whether its through natural talent or just through determination and hard work, when the day comes, you feel on top of the world with a strong sense of pride from not only yourself but also from friends and family.

If you feel that goal is yet to be reached, know in yourself that one day your star will shine and shine for all the world to see…..

...unless nobody is watching, which would just be typical!!

7 November 2009

Xmas Exhibition at Artifex Contemporary Arts

A new exhibition of original paintings is now showing at Artifex Contemporary Art Gallery in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Originals on show include new versions of 'The Friendly Stranger' and 'One Love'

Artifex is a stunning gallery selling the very best in contemporary British art & craft. The 3000 square foot gallery specialises in designer/craftsman made furniture, glass, ceramics, sculpture & original paintings with a strong emphasis on originality and quality.

More about the exhibition and the gallery can be found out by visiting their website at www.artifex.co.uk

Please do not hesitate to contact either me or the gallery with any enquiries on the exhibition.