20 January 2009

One Love

(70cm x 50cm) SOLD

We can all remember our first love no matter what our age might have been at the time.

For the odd few, the first love may go on to become the only love they have and their childhood sweetheart will be the one they grow old with.

Most of us however, though never forgetting the first, may have loves that come and go.

One thing is certain, the right person is out there for everyone and if they haven’t been found already, there is always a good chance they will be.

Out By My Side

(70cm x 50cm) SOLD

Do you remember your favourite toy that you just had to have with you at every waking hour.....and even whilst sleeping?

My favourite teddy bear I had as a kid was named Boo-ya, a sky blue bear that looked a lot like Yogi Bear’s friend Boo-Boo (Apparently Boo-Boo was too difficult for me to say at the age of 5, so the name Boo-ya had to suffice!!).

Like many kids with their beloved companion, he came everywhere with me, whether out on a day trip or just tucked up in bed. Acting as a comfort just like a blanket.

Whether it was a teddy bear, action figure, a backpack full of favourite ‘stuff’, or what seems to be even more noticeable nowadays, the ever-present Nintendo DS, a favourite toy was an essential item to have by your side. You couldn't leave home without it!

6 January 2009

Do You Wanna Be A Spaceman

(90cm x 70cm) Contact Washington Green for enquiries

What do you hear kids say they want to be when they grow up? The answers are always interesting to hear....and somewhat quite unachievable you might think. A Cowboy, a Spaceman, a Power Ranger or Superhero of some kind!

Clearly though, a handful of these dreams are fulfilled, as there are these Astronauts, Racing Drivers and Cowboys out there.

This is to those 6 year olds that will one day live their childhood dream day in day out. Though I’m not suggesting there is a real life Batman!!

How High

Here is the bigger picture to see what that little guy was up to on a previous post......

(36" x 30") Contact Washington Green for enquiries

The appeal of climbing a great big tree has always had its draw on kids. Grabbing hold of some nice sturdy branches to heave yourself up to the next level, clambering your way through the increasing density of leaves until you get to the point when you realise you really are as far up as you want, or certainly need to be!

I always preferred a simple climbing frame personally. You always knew where you stood with a climbing frame, all the bars level and parallel with one another making it far more straight forward for getting up and down.

Was it just me though, or was it always slightly awkward when reaching the ‘summit’? Having to somehow turn yourself around to come back down the other side! It was all about the hand and foot coordination and I do seem to remember feeling a mild sense of vertigo during this point!

….I think I’ll just go back down the same way I came up!

2 January 2009

Blank Media Collective - Blankpages E-zine issue 9

This months E-zine from Blank Media Collective features 'Magic Window' on the front cover as well as a quick Q&A with myself on page 6 of the online magazine.

You can click on this link for quick access to the magazine;
'Blankpages' E-zine issue 9

It also includes the write up for 'Magic Window' as well as one of my personal favourites, 'The World is Yours' on page 5.

More about the Blank Media Collective arts organisation can also be found here on their website;

Many thanks to those at Blank Media for showing interest in my work, these things always help in giving me huge boosts and extra confidence in the paintings I create.