26 March 2010

Manchester Exhibition

Original work currently exhibiting at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester is now available to view online.

Richard Goodall Gallery is the leading, and largest commercial gallery for Contemporary Art, Fine Art Photography, and Rock Art in the UK.

Based in Manchester across 2 locations, the gallery has been open since 2000 and represents leading artists across a number of fields.

Go looky!

25 March 2010

Glasgow Art Fair

Thought I'd have a day out of the studio today to visit the Glasgow Art Fair in George Square.

There is a couple of galleries I've arranged to meet and I'm sure there will be others worth chatting to.

I already have a couple of new exhibitions coming up, so hopefully I can build on my calendar after today.

More news to come soon.

2 March 2010

The Modern World

Here is my latest commission recently completed and I'm relieved to say, happily received by the client!

Commissions can often be tricky as you are basing the story of a painting on someone elses thoughts and what sort of painting they expect. It can be nerve racking waiting for feedback from the customer, knowing they will not see the image until they take receipt of it upon delivery. Thankfully once again, the response has been wonderful.

(20" x 16" Acrylic on box canvas)

This particular piece was for a 40th birthday present (Number '40' painted in silver on the number plate) and as a lifelong 'Mod', the main aim was to portray the paintings owner in his youth on his beloved Lambretta, viewing the world from the outside, perhaps contemplating what was, what is, and what is still to be.

All commissions are interesting in their own right, but I have to say, this has been one of my favourite commissions to work on to date. When I received a letter this morning from my customer today to say how much emotion it evoked, it made me realise once more what a priviledge it is to paint these kind of artworks for people to treasure and enjoy.