6 October 2010

2 New Additions to 'The Artist Collection' - Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock

Both or these paintings, although taken from 2 very different artists have something quite significant in common.

Piet Mondrian would carefully and methodically paint vertical and horizontal thick, straight black lines across the white canvas with 3 primary colours filling in chosen squares.

Jackson Pollock on the other hand would use a 'drip' technique, covering the canvas with a rhythmic fluidity of dripping and splashing paint.

"Triangles and Rhombuses" - (Piet Mondrian)

"Any Colour You Like" - (Jackson Pollock)

Despite the seemingly randomness of Pollocks paintings, like Mondrian he bases his work on a highly thought out process of composition. Theres something about that that I like as I use alot of composition in my own paintings, which is why I think these 2 paintings work really well and make important additions to this collection.