22 March 2013

Book Cover Artwork - "Hoofing It"

the new paperback from Ian M Pindar

"Hoofing It"

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Here is Ian's story:

"It took three years to get from the initial contact with artist Scott Carruthers to the final graphic designed cover of both books, something Scott pointed out when it was finished – I literally (!) could not believe it!

It had taken nearly sixteen years from the first tappings on a rudimentary 386 computer in Rusholme, Manchester (in the shadow of the kippax) Then the computer fulled of memory; it crashed, burned and had a nervous breakdown – the latter being me. ``Have you backed it up?’’ If I had £1 for everyone that asked me this at the time, I would have made £38! I had backed it up, but only at the half way point - remember when I started writing this I only had just got e-mail, we only had 3.5 inch floppy discs (insert your own joke) and if you wanted to download something, you needed to leave it, make your tea, eat your tea, wash-up and then come back! – stop laughing youths! It actually sounds worse than it was, because I had just written it, I could remember most of it, especially the research mainly from Time Outs and Rough Guides. 

Having returned to the book much later I would say it is three times better than it was; from the original first draft I cut six chapters at the beginning and put in a much punchier start - ``Ok I stole the money, there's no other way of looking at it; one minute I didn't have twenty-eight grand, the next, abracadabra, I did.’’ – if you don’t get your reader on the first page you have lost them!  So if there is a word of caution apart from the obvious backing everything up, it is… allow yourself at least double the amount of time to finish every aspect of your book, or if you’re anything like me… add a decade on for good measure!!

Aim for perfection in all aspects of your work, then when it falls short – which invariably will, you have produced something great/good you can be proud of.
Big Love," - Ian M Pindar

Purchase this fantastic book and let me know what you think :)


All Artwork Copyright - Scott Carruthers 2012

3 March 2013

A Unique Opportunity....

I have started an art project through Kickstarter with the aim to create a unique art piece that brings people from all quarters together, representing the world melting pot and the life journey in a single one off, original painting.

A Coming Together

The aim of this project is to create a unique painting depicting a world melting pot of people from all quarters who are working their way along their life path. 

Each collaborator will be depicted within the painting as an individual character together with something specific that represents them. This can be by something they are holding, like a favourite childhood toy or an object relating to their hobby or interest, the clothing they are wearing, whether it's the uniform of their career (or even what they WANTED to be!). Anything they can think of that tells their story or that shows a small piece of their personality.

There are also great incentives for backing this project. You will have an individually commissioned piece of artwork to own (see Rewards), and at the same time be part of a wider achievement and be included in an exciting process with a final result! A coming together and melting pot of people from all quarters included in a single, unique painting.

Find out more about 'The World Melting Pot' Project with 'Kickstarter'

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a fantastic art collaboration!

Find out more about Kickstarter