27 May 2010

New Exhibition at Artery Gallery, St Andrews

one: Trike
(8" x 8" acrylic on box canvas)

A new collection of 8 original paintings are now on show at Artery Gallery in St Andrews, Scotland, including 4 new 'one' paintings.

I'm really pleased with the response this new series has achieved, consistently selling well and one off commissions are also proving a popular choice. Artery Gallery is only the second gallery to be showing this series so hopefully the success will continue and with Artery's track record for selling my work, I'm very hopeful of a positive exhibition.

Between 2007 and 2009, my paintings received much admiration whilst on show at Artery, and now after a break, it's great to be working in conjunction with the gallery once more.

For more information log onto the gallery website at www.arteryuk.com or get on your 'Trike' and visit Artery Gallery at 43 South Street, St Andrews, Fife.

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