28 November 2013

Look At It My Way

This is the 50th painting I've made this year and I've had a bit of a like/hate/hate/like/hate/love relationship with it throughout the process. Started off with the image in my head but not having any idea what the point of it would ...be or it's meaning. I couldn't even pretend that there was a story to fit it.

In the early stages of painting the grid and squares, I wanted to give up on it but perservered simply due to not wanting the time spent on it already to be wasted. I returned to the piece 3 or 4 times in between creating other work, something I very rarely do. Also in the hope that it could still go somewhere, even though I wasn't enjoying a single moment of its creation, and even questioned giving up on painting altogether (Self doubt is a real pain in the rear!). Only when finishing off the characters and toward the very end of completion, did it eventually win me over, to the point now that I have become rather fond of it. I almost do not want to let this one go, but alas must.

"Look At It My Way"

All of my paintings have some kind of meaning and story behind them, but this one doesn't at all, only the personal story of the journey I've had making it.


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