13 June 2012

'First Flight' exhibition at the Virgin Money Lounge, Edinburgh

Opening Night, Thursday 21st June - 6:00pm - 8:30pm

The new collaborative paintings from Scott Carruthers and Derek Collins will be exhibited for the first time at a venue as unique as the art itself!

These paintings combine the unique 'Flaming Art' style of Derek's work, along with Scott's familiar characters, creating a quirky human element to each piece, and each telling its own little story.

Derek Collins
With carefully blended resins, powders, pigments and liquids, Derek Collins creates abstract, textured paintings which come to life when he adds the final ingredient - fire!
By setting the entire painting alight, Derek creates strong emotive pieces which can be quite spectacular.

Scott Carruthers
Scott's paintings are largely inspired by observations of life, childhood and growing up.
Painting the characters in a naive, cartoon like style helps represent the childhood aspect of the work, taking the seriousness out of the piece and at the same time accentuating the innocence of children. The paintings are thought provoking, and sometimes with the use of metaphors to assist the narrative, allow the viewer to get lost in their imagination, often taking them back to a much simpler time.

As well as these collaborative pieces, Scott and Derek will also be exhibiting their own individual paintings, making for a diverse, but very distinct show.

* * *

The exhibition runs from 22nd June to 21st July and the Virgin Money Lounge is open daily to customers of Virgin Money
However you are specially invited to the Opening Night of the exhibition on Thursday 21st June.

The Virgin Money Lounge is located in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh (opposite Harvey Nichols)

For more information and images, click here; http://uk.virginmoney.com/virgin/about-lounges/

So please do come along and enjoy a relaxing evening in a fantastic setting, with complimentary wine, tea, coffee and snacks!

RSVP with your interest to attend by emailing Scott @

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